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Blood plays an important role in maintaining life. Therefore, any blood-related disease, whether benign or malignant, will affect our health. So we need to gather more useful information about blood so that we can ensure ways to minimize adverse effects on our health.

For more useful information related to blood, blood-tonic fruit juice recipes and notes before use, please read through the article below of Panie's family!
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 – The adult body contains about 5 liters of blood. Blood is made of several components of cells (red blood cells, leukocytes, platelets) and plasma. The main role of blood is to provide nourishing substances and structure organizations as well as eliminate waste products in the body's metabolism such as carbonic gas and lactic acid.

– Blood has several functions, including delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells, removing waste from cells, and maintaining homeostasis. It is also the environment in which the amount of fluid in the body and blood pressure are measured and adjusted by various control measures.

– Coagulation factors in circulating blood are always available to stop bleeding.

– The buffer system in the blood maintains a stable pH from 7.35 to 7.45 to balance acids – bases.

– Blood also has the ability to regulate body temperature quickly, making different parts of the body always have the same temperature.


Blood contains many components including white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells, each of which contains different functions, but also comes with many diseases such as:

Anemia: Occurs when red blood cells have abnormal problems.

– Platelet hemorrhage: A condition with a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood.

– Blood clotting disorders: Blood flows too much, cannot stop bleeding or blood clots too thick.

– Sepsis: Viruses or bacteria enter the bloodstream, causing the person to develop arrhythmias, high fever, hypotension and shortness of breath.

Leukemia (White blood cancer): Occurs when white blood cells grow abnormally malignant. 

– Myelodysplastic disorders: Blood disorders cause white blood cells to decline in number.

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When suffering from blood diseases, we can appear the following symptoms:

– Easy headache, dizziness

– Pale or yellowish skin

– The body is always in a state of fatigue, pale skin and sometimes unexplained shortness of breath,... may be due to anemia.

– Irregular pulse, internal organs or other organs such as the liver or spleen,... hypertrophy.

– Appearance of enlarged and palpable nodes in the neck, armpits, groin,...

– Hemorrhage in the skin.

– Easily get infected.

– Increasing the risk of bleeding even if it is only a minor injury. For some severe conditions, the person may have internal hemorrhages.

– For blood cancers, patients often have abnormal weight loss, prolonged fever, night sweating,...



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    There are many ways to enhance quality as well as encourage blood purification, but one of the most efficient and helpful is to make pure juice a habit. Join Panie in referring to fruit juices as a good way to replace blood and blood circulation.

1. Pomegranate juice – A top suggestion when referring to blood tonic juices

    In the ranking of blood tonic fruit juice, pomegranate is always leading thanks to its abundant iron content and many healthy vitamins. Pomegranate is one of the blood-tonic fruits recommended by many health experts. Not only is the fruit high in iron, but pomegranate also helps to supplement vitamins A, C and E. Ascorbic acid contained in pomegranate helps to increase iron content in the body, regulate blood volume.



(Source: NgonAz)


Let Panie suggest some delicious pomegranate juice recipes!

How to make delicious
pomegranate juice!

Homemade Pomegranate
Juice delicous!

Pomegranate Juice
delicious for the whole family

2. Apple juice – Blood tonic juice should not be missed

    Ranked 2nd in the ranking of fruit juice tonic blood must be mentioned apples. Apples are one of the countless fruits that help boost your blood volume. They contain Vitamin C which helps the body absorb non-heme iron. Eat or drink apple juice every day to help support the treatment of anemia.




(Source: BachHoaXanh)

Panie suggests some recipes for delicious apple juice!

How to make apple juice
(with and without juicer)

Apple Juice Recipe With
& without Juicer

How to Make Apple Juice:
2 Easy Ways

3. Plum juice is among the top blood-tonic juices

    Prunes are one of the blood-tonic fruits because they contain a lot of vitamin C and iron. This is the key to boosting hemoglobin in the body. In addition, prunes are a rich source of magnesium, which aids in stimulating increased production of red blood cells. The magnesium in plums also helps manage oxygen transport in the body. So, if you are facing the problem of anemia, do not forget to add this fruit juice to supplement blood Plum into your daily diet, prunes are also not bad suggestions.


(Source: Quangon)

Panie suggests a few ways to make delicious plum juice!

How to Can Plum Juice


How to Make Plum Juice

Plum Ginger Juice Recipe

4. Orange juice is also a blood-tonic option

    Due to its high content of vitamin C, orange juice helps absorb iron into the blood, effectively improving anemia. Not only that, Orange juice helps prevent cardiovascular disorders: The hesperidin in oranges works against clogged arteries, reducing the risk of heart attack very well. So orange juice is also a choice to help replenish the blood.



(Source: Cachlammonngon)

Panie suggests a few delicious Orange juice recipes!

How to make orange juice
(3 methods)

How to make Orange Juice in
Batender (Orange Juice)

Orange Juice Recipe 
How to make it!

5. Raisin juice has the effect of preventing anemia and improving the health of pregnant women

     Not only do raisins have a tonic effect on blood, fresh grape juice also contains iron that prevents anemia, improves anemia for pregnant women, people who have just finished surgery ... Watermelons only contain sugar and water, but in fact this fruit also contains a lot of iron. You should not ignore this grape juice that helps treat anemia.



(Source: Nguoiduatin)

Panie suggests a few delicious Raisins juice recipes!

Grapes and Raisins in
Citrus Juice

How to make Raisins in Juice
Raisins juice great!

Raisin Concentrate 
Foodservice Solutions

6. Watermelon juice, a simple blood-tonic drink, easy to find

     Watermelon contains iron, vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates and potassium in abundant content. In addition to the effective refreshment function, watermelon juice also helps improve anemia, increase blood circulation function effectively, so do not miss the juice of this tonic fruit on the daily nutrition menu!



(Source: disneycooking)

Panie suggests a few delicious Watermelon juice recipes!

How to make Watermelon Juice 
great in life!

How to make Watermelon Juice
delicous great drink!

Watermelon Juice Recipe
(3 Variations)


You should use each glass of juice above each to replenish blood as well as improve good health to have an energetic day to study and work.



However, you will not have to spend a lot of time on turning fruits into delightful beverages anymore. Viet International Company launches delicious, health-improving and convenient fruit juice products bottled with a compact, eye-catching design with a capacity of 250ml, 330ml or 500ml that people can use more quickly and conveniently anytime, anywhere in daily life.

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