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The Benefits of Mango Juice Panie - Healthier, happier and more beautiful

Wednesday, 23/11/2022, 17:00 GMT+7

Mango is a fruit that is no longer strange to us, for many people this is also a favorite fruit that can be processed into many different dishes and drinks. Mango juice is one of the drinks that many people fall in love with. However, maybe you do not know about the effects of mango juice and is it good to drink a lot of mango juice?

Learn about the benefits of mango juice with PanieJuice!

Mango Panie Juice - Mango Panie Juice

- Mango! Mangoes can be eaten at any maturity level. In particular, ripe mangoes are very sweet and feel like a treat and they are nutrient dense and can be a healthy addition to your daily diet. Mango not only contributes valuable nutrients but also helps to reduce blood pressure index, control blood circulation. In addition, mango brings many other benefits to users such as weight loss, anti-aging skin, brain development and reducing the rate of diabetes.

- Mango juice is made from the king of fruits, the mango. It is essential for people of all ages. You can buy it through stores like PanieJuice, Fruitjuice, Truejuice... Besides its mouth-watering taste, there are several other health and beauty benefits of this juice. This article details the nutritional value, what are the benefits of mango juice, and how to make mango juice.


1. Ingredients of Mango Juice:

- Mango juice has many valuable nutrients.

- One cup of mango juice (1 cup = 250 ml) contains 128 calories, with less than 1 g each of protein, fat and cholesterol. 33g of carbohydrates and 0.8g of fiber are available in one serving.

- Fruit juice, derived from fresh mangoes, is loaded with vitamins C and A along with small amounts of vitamins B, E and K. Several valuable minerals are also found in mango juice.


2. Uses of mango juice:

Effective weight loss

Another study found that mango peel inhibits the formation of adipose tissue in a similar way to the antioxidant resveratrol. From here it can be concluded, mango is one of the foods that support weight loss very well, especially suitable for those who are at a reasonable weight and want to continue to maintain their weight.

In particular, the phytochemicals in mango juice also prevent fat cells from growing, reducing the risk of weight gain. In addition, malic acid and tartaric acid, insulin also support better weight maintenance.

So it can be seen that drinking mango juice is not fat, not only does not cause fat, but also supports weight loss extremely effectively.


Increase eyesight

The antioxidants present in mango are called lutein and zeaxanthin. This is a substance that builds up in the retina of the eye, especially in its core (macular). Inside the retina, lutein and zeaxanthin act as a natural sunshade, absorbing excess light and protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.

Mangoes are also a good source of Vitamin A, which supports eye health. Diets lacking in Vitamin A have been linked to dry eyes and night blindness. More severe deficiencies can cause serious problems such as scarring of the cornea.


Helps skin become smoother, brighter, more beautiful

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, which is beneficial for skin health. It's also essential for creating collagen, which gives your skin its elasticity, and fights sagging and wrinkles. In addition, mango is a good source of Vitamin A and other Retinoids, which protect the skin from the sun.

In addition to Vitamins A and C, mangoes are also rich in polyphenols, which function as antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect the skin from damage caused by oxidative stress.


Helps strengthen the immune system

One cup (165 grams) of mango provides 10% of your daily Vitamin A needs. Vitamin A is necessary for a healthy immune system, as it helps fight infections.

In addition, mango provides nearly three-quarters of the daily requirement of vitamin C, which helps the body produce more disease-fighting white blood cells, work more efficiently, and improve the skin's defenses.

Mangoes also contain folate, vitamin K, vitamin E and several B vitamins, which help support immunity.


Improve memory for users

In ripe mango contains glutamine acid, a substance that helps brain development, and makes brain cells work more efficiently.

In addition, the components Mangiferin and Gallotannin in mango will have neuroprotective activity, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. A study shows that eating mango regularly is a way to fight memory loss in people who are often depressed.



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