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4 benefits of fruit juice that you should not ignore

03:46 | 09/05/2019
  Fruit juice helps to lose weight, strengthen the digestive system, rejuvenate the skin ... With the benefits of fruit juice is enough to convince you to use every day?


Panie guava juice - unforgettable taste

02:50 | 27/02/2019
Guava are fruits with many nutrients and vitamins. Also guava has a pleasant scent, so it is processed into a lot of soft drinks.


Basil seed fruit juice

03:11 | 21/02/2019
The Viet International company launched a bottled Basil seed fruit juice with kiwi, passion fruit, dragon fruit, strawberry, mango, pineapple, and mixed flavors.


Panie aloe vera fruit flavored

02:29 | 23/01/2019
Last January, Vietnam International Company launched a completely new fruit flavor aloe with 4 main lines: Panie aloe vera mango flavour, Panie flavor aloe peach flavour, Panie aloe vera grape flavour, Panie aloe vera pomegranate flavour, Panie aloe vera ...


PANIE SPARKLING COCONUT - New flavors for dynamic long days

08:50 | 17/01/2019
Sparkling coconut belongs to Panie brand - produced directly by Viet International company


Panie Coconut Water - energy source from nature

09:20 | 16/01/2019
Panie Coconut Water - energy source from nature

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