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Panie Coconut Water - energy source from nature

Thursday, 28/02/2019, 01:38 GMT+7

Panie Coconut Water - energy source from nature

Referring to coconut water, people will think immediately of the countryside of Western water in Vietnam. The taste of cool, sweet and a little fat of coconut rice makes us feel strange and delicious. Coconut water is used as a popular drink in tropical countries, especially in Southeast Asia, Pacific and Caribbean islands.
Nutritional ingredients
Coconut water is a natural, non-fat, low-energy drink (16.7 kcal / 100 g or 70 kJ / 100 g). In addition, coconut water contains lots of mineral salts, and vitamins and other nutrients.
The use of coconut water
Coconut water is loved and used by people because of its beneficial effects such as good for cardiovascular, skin beauty, digestive support, weight loss, immune system enhancement. Especially after hard working hours or sports sessions, you will regain energy immediately.
The birth of Panie Coconut Water
However, for convenience and fast for users, Viet International has produced Panie Coconut Water cans 250ml, Panie Coconut Water 330ml, Panie Coconut Water 500ml. Panie Coconut Water is extracted from pure natural coconut fruits. Along with modern production technology, Panie Coconut Water retains the flavor and purity of coconut flavor. Now, you can use it anytime and anywhere, compact, convenient and suitable for everyone.
Viet International Company - specializes in producing soft drinks products. With the goal of bringing health and safety to users, now, the company is constantly producing new products such as: Fruit juice (PANIE FRESH ORANGE JUICE 250MLMIXFRUIT JUICE OR COCKTAIL JUICE 330MLMANGO JUICE 330ML ...), Aloe vera (ALOE VERA GRAPE FLAVORALOE VERA WITH LYCHEE - CAN 330MLALOE VERA WITH PINEAPPLE - CAN 330MLALOE VERA PEACH FLAVORALOE VERA APPLE FLAVOR, ...), Sparkling juice (SPARKLING ORANGE JUICELEMONADE SPARKLINGSPARKLING STRAWBERRY JUICESPARKLING PINEAPPLE JUICE ....)

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