About us

YOUR SUCCESS - OUR MISSION:We believe in hard work and dedication. Viet International Co., Ltd aims to become a reliable leading manufacturer and exporter of beverages, renowned for trend-setting beverage technology solutions (OEM & ODM).
MISSION:With the mission of "becoming a partner in the success of our customers in all fields", Viet International Co., Ltd constantly strives to provide customers with the best and highest quality solutions. We believe that through professionalism, honesty, and creativity, we will bring sustainable value to customers and build a brighter future together.
BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY:Respect the customer - Build trust with quality products and services, accompany customers on the road to success. We always prioritize the interests of customers and see it as a foundation for building sustainable and long-lasting relationships with them.
Viet International Co., Ltd is a beverage manufacturing company established since 2006, with private labels such as Panie, BU, Explosion, Ready..., leading co-packer, headquarters, and factories in Vietnam.
With a dynamic and creative team, we have brought consumers valuable and nutritious products such as BU & EXPLOSION energy drinks, PANIE fruit juices, PANIE chia seed juices...
Over the years, our company has exported products to markets in the China, South East Asia, Middle East (40%), North America such as: USA, Canada, EUROPE Such as : Spain, Germany, Italy, Swizerland, Czerch Replublic, Africa and so on...
WHAT WE DO:We specialize in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of beverages, including bottled fruit juices, Aloe Vera drinks, Cocktail Ready, Dr Fruits Panie, Energy Drink, and Sparkling beverages. The quality of our products is always our top priority to meet customers' expectations in finding the best drinks.
SERVICES:Our beverage OEM & ODM services are honored by brand builders and beverage distributors in over 65 countries.
CORE VALUES: Sincerity - Dedication - Honesty - Responsibility - Flexibility - Teamwork